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It is a lot of work to honour birds and use their feathers for Spiritual tools. There’s ceremony, then the plucking and cleaning process. Removing talons and sometimes heads. Hours of work before even considering the crafting part.

It is always emotional for me, as I connect with the Spirit of the bird. As I mourn its death and bask in the light of its energy. How often can we be this close with the Winged Ones? I always wish it was on different terms.

But it is this part that is most sacred to me. The honouring part is why I do it.

I get visions of the birds often before I find them and believe they come to me so I can help connect others with their Medicine.

In a time of such seemingly disconnect, it is important now more than ever to rediscover all our relations and the teachings that are all around us should we look, listen and feel.

Feather Prayer Fans - Commission


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